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Appliance Clock Jagoffery

Pittsburgh Kitchen Jagoff with Two microwaves

Last night, the power went out for about an hour.  It helped me learn that I do not want to follow any Amish traditions. It also told me that we need to get some researchers on a very, very serious issue…. making the stove and microwave clocks ALWAYS match times!

As hard as I tried, I was unable to get them to match perfectly. Not sure what is worse.. the 12:00…12:00 flashing or when the time reads 7:01 on the stove and 7:02 on the microwave for that creepy 35-45 seconds.

So our smartphone syncs to our tablet which both sync to our desktop which then sometimes syncs with the TV to watch anti-cable channels and syncs on demand to a couple of blue tooth speakers and, at times, even syncs with a car starter but… the stove clock and the microwave clock which are 5 feet from each other don’t Ya Jagoffs?

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