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Another Random Sign – Yinz Guys Are Awesome

Ok… we have to take a little step away from the usz…(short for usual with the young kids) because we’re on to something.

On Monday’s blog post (here) we saw the Branden M. sent us an arrangement of individual letters in a local retail outlet.  The arrangement spelled out “JAGOFFS” which of course put me into a very, very emotional spin… like Mom-and-Dad-Got-Us-A-Puppy-No-Wait-TWO-Puppies level of emotion.

So, while others are creating cool hashtags for their social media threads, we put all of yinz on this project!

The challenge (from Monday’s blog post)…this Holiday season, find letter thingies in public places and get the letters rearranged to say Jagoffs! Then, take a pic and send it to me

Welp…. here’s one from the Greensburg WalMart!  I feel like Vanna White is standing just off to the right waiting to spin that S that’s hanging upside down!  And can someone paleeeeeeeze fix that lonely, misfit, letter A that’s hanging all by itself?? I must say, this is funner… ok way …more fun than I thought Monday’s little impromptu post was going to be!

So, continue please….stop playing “snake” on our flip phone, go buy some film (fill’em as my grandmother used to say).. get some more JAGOFFS pics, Ya Jagoffs!

Big shaht aht to today’s Jagoffs pic Honoree… Paul Yorio!