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Parents That Are Jagoffs

Another Parent Jagoff!!!!!

Toddler Found Wondering Alone In Neighborhood

(Click HERE for WPXI Story)


UNFORTUNATELY, this headline is about as common as:

     *  “Knucklehead Politician/Teacher/Athlete Caught Sexting Inappropriately”

     *  “City Firefighter Charged With (insert any number of charges here)”

     *  “The Penguins Game Went Overtime”  

     *  “The Pirates Admin Says, This Season Things Will Be Different”

Another kid was found wondering around a neighborhood with no shoes, etc, etc, etc.  Here’s the kicker, quoted from the “The boy’s mother, Cathlene Orloff, 28, said she left her kids with her boyfriend’s father and sister while she attended parenting classes.”

Wait – Grandpap, who’s “responsible” son knocked up girlfriend Cathlene (who is now in “how to parent” classes), is in charge of another kid??????

Hey, I admit, when my kid was young,  I got on a conference call once and I forgot about him sitting on the toilet for soooooo long that his legs fell asleep.  But how far engrossed into Ellen, The Doctors and Dr. Oz do ya have to be to FORGET about WONDERING where yer grandkid is at some point during an ENTIRE day? 

Hey PAPPY, howszabout, at least ONE of the times that ya get yer lazeeee ARSE off the couch to get a breakfast beer, take a pee or microwave a hotdog, ya check TO SEE IF THE KID NEEDS ANYTHING???????????  At that point, you might actually find out yer grandson ain’t in the corner coloring BEFORE the cops come knockin’ on the door, YA JAGOFFS!


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