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Aggressive “Drivers” Drop the Golf Gloves

This is one of those stories where you’re not sure if it came from Florida or Fayette County.  Unfortunately, this one is from Fayette County and it has made the national news.

A 42 year old guy and a 63 year old guy were golfing at Springdale Golf Course in South Union Township on Sunday of all days… a day of peace! They started to argue about some water hazard stuff on the 5th hole and, by the 7th hole, they were going all “Mrs. Tiger Woods” on each other ALLEGEDLY.

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So to sum it up, these guys got T’d off at each other. Now there’s a wedge between their friendship.  No word on if one said something to the other about their old bags however, they did get to a point where there was some serious clubbing going down. Now it appears as if their friendship is hitting a rough patch.

Boys…golf is supposed to be a gentleman’s game but, then again, maybe hip checks would finally add some excitement to the Sunday afternoon golf matches.  Every golfer could be allotted one hip check to use on a tee and a green during any given match. Just make sure you don’t leave your cleats on the check.  That would be a two-minute charging penalty.

Better go back to hitting through the windmills and over the waterfalls at the local putt-putt course cuz your conduct is unbecoming of a golfer… but.. it may also be PAR for Fayette County!  Thanks for embarrassing the rest of us in the national news.  We hear that John Daly wants you on his ProAM MMA golf tour, Ya Jagoffs!

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