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Aaaaaaand 1 More Holiday Jagoff Trickery Pic

As you have been following this week, we came upon a little Jagoffery of our own. On Monday, Branden M had given us a pic of him rearranging some Christmas stockings in a very delightful way!  Like wow-I-got-new-sneakers-for-Kennywood-Day-and-can’t-wait-to-wear-them-I-might-just-pee-my-pants level of excitement!

We challenged yinz all to send in some more pics..without damaging any property!  Well, our boy Tom is the first one to own up to the duties and put his mug in the pic!  I gotta tell ya, Tom looks so happy.. like… gotta-little-pee-trickle kind of happy over his success at Target!

OK, keep ’em coming!  Get original! email me at if you have a little appropriately arranged holiday lettering that will be flattering to this blog!  But remember! Don’t destroy anyone’s property and don’t give us any photo-shop crap, YaJagoffs!

NOTE: If you’re at Light Up Night tomorrow night, come see us! We will be recording our podcast down near the Unity Tree stage (Joe Gruschecky and Jeff Jimmerson) AND be making some announcements from the stage!

Thanks Tom H for being brave!!!!