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A Not-so-EZ-Pass at the Turnpike Irwin Exit

PA Turnpike Crash

This photo is a prized possession in our opinion. These 2 cars are stuck in a toll chute at the Irwin exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. They are wedged like the toes of an 88 year-old woman in her 4-sizes-too-small sandals. And it looks just as ugly.

Here’s the original Facebook post:

Seriously, how does this happen? Are they trying to share an EZ Pass reader like their NetFlix password? Ornery lane drivers blocking their territory?  Distracted drivers on their phones? Maybe both drivers are strong-minded 5-k finishers and tried to elbow each other outta the finish line to be .002 faster?

Hey, can’t tell what state yinz are from but, here’s ONE thing we know from this picture, you’re probably NOW aware that there are sideview mirrors on your respective vehicles. If you would have used them, they wouldn’t be smashed and laying on the ground NEXT to your vehicles at this point, Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks to Nate Newell for being today’s Jagoff Catcher!

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