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Parent Jagoffs

A “MOM”strocity  

Every time I hear of a new birth, it sparks a ‘mom’versation about how things have changed.  In fact, with my youngest embarking on adolescence, it intrigues me that the use of bumper pads in the crib is a thing of the past, and I am still confused on the best way to lay a baby in the crib.  Times they are a changing! 

This constant evolution of perfecting child rearing is always fun to engage.  I almost always insert the fact that in my era of birth, I am a bicentennial babe (1976), my mother birthed with the help of a cigarette.  For real, my mom was allowed to smoke in the delivery room to cope with the pain.  Did I mention the doctor did as well?  This is always a cray cray thought, kind of like the fact that the drive home from the hospital in the seventies and early eighties did not require the use of a car seat.  Nope!  Simply momma and babe in the back.  That in itself is just nuts—a newborn bundled in the lap of a mom with no seatbelt!  How times have changed!   

Ummm, fast forward to present day in West Mifflin.  A mom drove with her toddler on her lap while gazing at a cell phone and in dahntahn Pittsburgh.  The only thing missing was flicking ashes out of the window while drinking a Big Gulp.   Apparently, the mom who looked to be driving a multi-seat vehicle, had her child on her lap while driving.   No car seat.  No seatbelt.  No cell phone refraining.  No rule abiding–period.  Plus, this was no Mini-Cooper car, tint vehicle.   It is not a ‘mom’versation at all, rather a ‘mom’strosity. 

WPXI snagged some footage of the young mom after her night in jail, and she seemed perplexed as to why her choice of travel was under such scrutiny.   Hopefully her jail journey included the necessity to watch proper child development videos or webinars like the need to use car seats depending on stages of a child’s life.  Geesh, perhaps the need for seatbelts!  Next time, call an uber and buckle your baby in….while you are at it, read some Dr. Spock books, Ya Jagoff!  

WPXI for full story: 

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