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Grocery Store Jagoffs

A “Labor Day” Post – From Labor Day Shopping


First, thanks to all that commented on yesterday’s blog update.  Once gain, we appreciate everyone following the blog!

Second, we participated in Labor Day Jagoffery by being one of “THOSE” people that didn’t know how to plan appropriately and had to go to the grocery store, in a panic, on the holiday!!!  (We clearly weren’t the only ones.)  In the old days, our moms made a grocery list every week, attached the coupons to the list with the same paper clip for 20 years, then shopped the same day/time 1 time per week.  She NEVER went in between.

Us… total jagoffery……..not only are we at the store on Labor Day, we had NO LIST, we had to text a pic back home of what we were looking at to be sure we were getting the right item aaaaaaaaannnnnd then received another text to get an extra item!!!!

But, we weren’t the biggest Labor Day jags!!!  See the pic above of the Shop n Save brownies were were taking home to put in their own tray to make it look like they were actually homemade.  If you look closely, you will see that the scanning label is on the TOP of the brownie container.  Guess what else is at the top of that container?????

If you guessed ICING you are correct.  Ya see, the bakers put icing on the brownies (because the brownies themselves do not have enough calories).  But that’s what we LOVE about ’em.  But, guess where that icing is gonna go when we flip the container over to SCAN the bar code??  If you guessed ALL OVER THE TOP OF THE INSIDE OF THE CONTAINER you guessed correct again!!!

Well, we didn’t do the self-checkout.  We waited in line for the cashier’s scanning gun.  No icing loss.

In closing, thanks to all of those in the grocery store who were working because some of us didn’t inherit t the “shopping gene” from our parents.  In the meantime, hey Shop n Save “Put the scanning sticker on the baked goods” professionals, ya might want to rethink that process.  Ya might wanna also check out the handmade pizzas..those toppings might get a little lost going thru the scanner.  But if you’re having fun with price label tagging games, we suggest tagging all raw eggs INDIVIDUALLY so that shoppers would have to juggle them in the self checkout line.  We also suggest tagging all of the “pop” bottles with tags while they’re in a paint shaker machine, Ya Jagoffs!

Don’t for get to download the “You’re phone’s ringing ya jagoff!” ring tones.

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