Hey..It’s Labor Day!!

And we hope that you are all enjoying the extended weekend.  We took today off from writing about Jagoffs to give you a quick update on the blog and what there is to look forward to in the near future.

Incase you need a recap:

The blog reads continue to grow.  We appreciate that!!  Feel free to continue inviting others.  We love a crowd.

The proceeds of our “Don’t Be A Jagoff” t-shirts still go to Magee Women’s Research Institute Foundation for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research.. So encourage your friends to go purchase one please.

This past July we received Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best Blog recognition.  That was COOl.. ok… COOLER than COOL…like sitting on a block of ice in 5-year old undies!!!

We started this blog posting ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We now post five days a week… it keeps us DAMN busy… but it is fun!


We have videotaped a demo web series with local comedians talking about Jagoffs….the rough cuts look pretty good.  We hope to release those within the next month.

We are also in the process of videotaping a number of “Interesting Pittsburghers” interviews.  So far we have “TC” the whistling beer vendor at local events, Scott Harbaugh of WPXI, Scott Blasey of The Clarks, local artist Christopher Nix and we are now working on a couple of others.  Feel free to send us who YOU would like to see interviewed.

We will be looking for local breast cancer survivors to shoot some video with for October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  If you are interested or know of anyone interested in telling their story to encourage others.  Let us know ASAP…(yajagoff at comcast dot net).

OK…that’s it.

To be honest, we didn’t really take today off.  We are in a Labor Day parade. Well, not really IN a parade… we made our own parade.  We went to Giant Eagle and purchased a bunch of 10-year old hard candy and tootsie rolls and are simply driving around the area today throwing the candy out at little kids.  Of course, since we THINK we are in a parade, we’re driving as slow as a senior citizen headed to McD’s during rush-hour for their chit-chat with his buddies and that bottomless cup of coffee.

So far, nobody has yelled, “THE GAS PEDAL IS ON THE RIGHT, YA JAGOFFS!”

See ya tomorrow for a regular blog post.  Thanks again for following


  1. I love the idea of YOUR parade!!
    Where is the parade route?? I could use some stale tootsie rolls…

    How about interviewing some High School kids…
    Just to get a look at how being in school “now-a-days” is so much different than “back in our days”. Just a thought. Have a great day ya slow driving Jagoffs 😉

  2. With everything you guys do and give for breast cancer I’m proud to say that Ya Jagoff is the best Burgh blog out there. Thanks for doing everything you do, at least I don’t have to worry about yinz guys being Jagoffs.

  3. Great (hilarious) morning read and coffee!! Wonderful way to begin the day!! I’m new to the blog, and you just made a regular out of me!! Now I need to run and grab a bag of tootsie rolls-Think it is parade time down south too!!!!! :)~

  4. Can’t wait for the new stuff. I would love to see an interview with the guy I refer to as “Crazy Flower Guy.” He sells flowers on Rt. 65 at the McKees Rocks Bridge. Crazy because that’s a dangerous place to stand. I judge the changing of the seasons based on his clothing. 🙂

  5. It’s great that the t-short money goes to Magee. 🙂

    But am I the only one who, upon reading this:

    “…like sitting on a block of ice in 5-year old undies!!!”

    imagined a grown man in a pair of child’s Spider-Man underpants, sitting and shivering on a big block of ice…?

    Probably just me.

    Keep up the great work, Ya Jagoff!

  6. If you run out of Tootsie Rolls, just pull over to a nice, well kept park area or grassy median. You will find plenty of little “tootsie rolls” left behind by people who don’t clean up after their dogs…..THE JAGOFF’S!!!!

  7. ok… we put all of the names in our standard sweaty, old Penguins ball cap… tossed them around and… these people won a Christopher Nix print: Mary Anna Trombley, Chris Higgins and Jenn Pyatt!!! email us with your mailing address to yajagoff@comcast.net use the subject line NIX PRIZE. Thanks to all

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