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A Full Moon Over a Harrisburg Garden

Harrisburg Finance Director

As you know, we typically stay to the Western PA area for jagoff-catching but, this story in Harrisburg is too good to not post!

Here’s the deal from PennLIVE:

“Harrisburg’s Finance Director has been charged with three counts of indecent exposure after detectives accused him of being naked in his backyard and seen by neighbors three times this month.”

“The charges filed Wednesday were first-degree-misdemeanors because detectives allege the defendant knew or should have known that young children were in the vicinity and could have seen him.”

Is that a good enough description for ya? My man was gardening naked…(bad enough unless you live a mile or 2 from your neighbor! But, there are young kids next door!)

Hmmmmm… made us think. Why would one even WANT to garden naked. What if you get a tick IN BETWEEN your cheeks? Well, here’s a gardening tip about moon phases:

What moon phase is best for planting?
The full moon phase (from full moon to the third quarter) is most suited to sowing or planting out root crops as well as decorative or fruiting perennials. Like apples, potatoes asparagus and rhubarb. It’s also a good time for taking cuttings and dividing plants.
So, there ya have it. Maybe this is a good defense case? Or maybe say you were doing naked yoga… downward-facing-weed-puller.
Well being a naked gardener might have appeared smart… it certainly gives you  a chance to claim anonymity when the cops show up because you can’t find your wallet!  On the other hand, it seems quite stupid because now you will be entered into the Harrisburg “penal system.”  And guess what else? You’re now the BUTT of our jokes, Ya Jagoff!

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