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A Food that is NOT a Jagoff!

Halos and Pittsburgh Jagoffs

Before you read on, it’s already time for a teaching point! Halo oranges are NOT oranges at all! They are mandarins! And like Kobe or Black Angus, the mandarins have to be all up on their stuff and meet certain requirements to gain their stripes HALOS!

 “to earn their halos, every fruit must meet three requirements – easy to peel, seedless, and super sweet.”  (

Remember the old school-lunch days.  A brown bag or or a Spice Girls/Batman lunchbox and thermos.  Maybe you had P&B, PPB&J or a cold slice of pizza and then.. you had the dreaded apple or orange that you wished was a Ho-Ho or a cookie.

The worst fruit would be and orange.. and having to peel that SOBS. Sometimes you had to use a knife or a pencil to pierce the skin.  You’d get orange goo all over your fingers. Maybe even splash your shirt, your eye or the person across the lunch table from you. Either way, by the time you could eat the stupid thing, it had chunks out of it and your fingers were all sticky.  You might have even gagged on the whit stringy stuff.

Kids today have it easier in many ways and, one of them is.. I mean, are… HALOS in their school lunch. Eating fruit was never easier!

The Halos skin comes off easier than helping a 70-year old, 110 pound man take off a 3x sports jacket! It’s almost as if little Halo elves are working on the inside of the skin to scrape the fruit away form the skin!

Halos.. thanks for brining us all back to eating healthy.. Well.. as long as there are no Ho-Ho’s or homemade cookies around… YaJagoffs! (used in the term of endearment form)

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