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A Dog’s Point of View – Poop in the Yard


O.K…. I realize it’s been a long winter for all of us but, I doubt very many of you have had to experience peeing in -6 temperatures while your dingle-dangle is rubbing in snow.

But even so, do ya think someone could put on a jacket and get out to the yard and clean up some of this winter  poop?  It’s getting kind of hard to find a place to walk out there.  I’m pretty sure my poop, from the first week of November is still well preserved out there… I recognize it because its the poop sample that contains the yellow material from the sock that I ate when I was mad that you left me home all day while you went shopping for a Turkey.

And, because of the snow, the stuff has been put down in layers… like Pre-Cambrian (Late October), Paleozoic (November) and Mesozoic (during holidays when my stomach was sick from people sneaking me cookies).. but, now that the snow is melting, it’s all on one layer!!!!

I would prefer not to have to step in this stuff when walking out here.  Although, if I do, I won’t freak out and run to a hose and radically squirt at my foot, like most of you humans do. I’ll simply track that stuff right into the house on the good carpet!

Soooooooo consider this fair warning…grab a pooper-scooper, a shovel, or an old shoe, and start getting this stuff cleaned up, YA JAGOFFS!!