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Hockey Jagoffs

A “Because The Pens Lost” Blog……


And watch ESPN’s Pat Muldowney’s “Pens Fan Vine Video” Below

Right… the title kinda rubs it in.  But then again, isn’t it worth it to have a place to let go of your “Pissed-offy-ness?

All that WE know is that, just like the Steelers, as the Penguins playoff game wins go, so the day-after work days go! Which means it’s probably pretty miserable at work today. So, if you are miserable just memorize the following quote OR post it near your work area OR on your forehead if you don’t have a work area:

No, I’m not making those photocopies. No, I don’t have your STUPID report done! It was asinine anyway. I have no interest in hearing how your kid did at last night’s softball game. I am cancelling all meetings EXCEPT for the one’s where I get to shew someone’s ARSE out for not good reason. No, you cannot borrow my stapler, a paperclip or a pen. And by the way, make your own coffee, I’m not your mother? Just let me alone until it’s time to get the hell outta here for the weekend. And, be prepared if you leave before I do, if you’re driving in front of me going home, you’d better remember that the gas pedal is the one on the right because, otherwise, I am pretty much going to run up over YOUR vehicle cuz EVERYONE in my path, in MY eyes, will look like the Bruins’ Brad Marchand with a KICK ME sticker on his back.  And YES, I’m P@#$ off about the Penguins game last night  and how bleak this looks for us getting into the final round, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to Instagramer @mayoraddyb for his “frustrated selfie” from the game last night…our title pic!!  He’s now and Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

List your own STRESS RELEASE phrase below!!

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