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A Bathroom Built for Failure?

Jagoff blog in Pittsburgh

Is this a bathroom built for failure.. especially those that stand?

Think of this… those that sit, do not like to sit on a water-sprinkled seat. So much so, some bystanders will comment to the “standers” to make sure they lift the seat!  The other complaint of the “sitters” is for the “standers” to make sure that they put the seat back down once they are done.

Well…. let’s say you stand and you have lifted the seat like the good person that you are. You flush and then you put the seat back down like the good person that you are.

You then proceed to wash your hands like the good.. well you get it!

When you proceed to dry your hands…… uh-oh.. the seat might get sprinkled!!!!!!  At that point, you have to wipe off the seat.. then maybe flush again.. or wash your hands again and the viscous sprinkle dilemma cycle begins! In our opinion, the paper towel holder is placed in a very precarious position.

Yikes!  I swear, I DIDN’T pee on the seat, Ya Jagoffs!

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