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A Bag of “Tortilla Chip Flakes?”

tortilla chips

Hungry for some chips and salsa?  Maybe some chips and cheese?

Howzabout some restaurant style chips?  We’re just wondering how one defines restaurant style.

We thought that it might mean, fresher, tastier, thinner… but.. NOPE.   From this bag it looks like restaurant style equals… the-chips-at-the-bottom-of-the-bag-that-are-all-broken-from-everyone-putting-their-hands-in-them-and-rustling-around! The problem is, this bag was just opened.

The manufacture seems to put enough air into those bags that every chip should feel like their sleeping on a $4,123 air mattress but… nope.. somehow we have a bag of.. wait for it… here we go… MICRO-chips…. YaJagoffs!!!

  • SinBinKreations


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