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5 Lane-Merging Jagoffs

Funny how, we can be standing at a business networking event and, when people ask the name of our company, we sometimes nervously respond but then it always creates a smile and intrigue.

It then typically leads to a conversation about how the word jagoff was used in their family or, as in this case, it initiates a convo about, “You know who the jagoffs are?”

That is what happened with this pic. Within a few minutes the conversation lead to defining jagoffs and us receiving this pic and talking “merge point jagoffs.”

So here are 5 Lane-merging jagoffs in our humble opinion (haaaaa.. silly..we’re never humble when calling out jagoffs).

  1. If you’re the car merging… you’re getting on a highway that is running at, at least, 55mph… don’t pull on to the highway at 20 mph! BTW.. the sign in the pics even shows that there are two lanes.. get on that gas pedal
  2. If you’re the car merging… check your @#$@ side view mirror for oncoming cars. I mean.. your neck turns to the left, right.. take a look out that window that’s there to see if someone is already in the lane before you pull out
  3. When the merge sign says Yield vs Stop.. don’t STOP… (see number 1 above)
  4. When you are the driver on the highway already, when you can, move over one lane and let people merge! Get off your phone and look ahead at who is trying to get on YOUR highway…moving over vs. racing the car on your left is the right thing to do. Red rover, red rover, let the car on the right OVER!
  5. If you are looking to exit immediately after passing a merging point… LET THAT CAR MERGE and get in behind them! You don’t need to pass them, feel victorious and have them eat your dust, just in time to cut in front of the oncoming person and tap your breaks to exit!

Bottom line.. pay attention and for @#$@% sakes.. share the road… YaJagoffs!

BTW.. thanks to @Opal_adwyl for the pic and for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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