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Man Allegedly Found Stripping in Car

YaJagoff Podcast Car Stripper

When ya hear the phrase, “car stripper,” ya may think of stripping the paint off but ya probably don’t imagine a gent taking his clothes off in his car….stripping.. do ya?

According to the PG, John Mekic, allegedly was taking his clothes off in his car and, when the po-po came, he ran away…. um… naked!!!  No other deets given.

Well, our jagoff investigative reporting staff are investigating the possibility that John Mekic, MAY have been known as the male stripper, John The Mechanic, to local bachelorette parties.  At press time for this article, we weren’t 100% sure if this was fact or if our investigative staff were completely making this up.

But think if it, if John The Mechanic male stripper is true, he has a great alibi! He can just say, that, like comedians, musicians, etc. he is just trying to survive the “new normal” sitch n and, he was doing an in-car-got-yer-hot-10W-40-oiled-mechanic-right-here show that was completely CDC compliant.. in his car! Think of it, there are even the car windows to separate him from any onlookers!

But then again, the running naked thing, doesn’t play out well with the John The Mechanic mail stripper concept.

Hey, John, if ya need a cheap defense, i.e, made-up excuse, and you need us to think through the John The Mechanic thing and the naked running thing, let us know. Meantime, if you’re gonna continue to do this, please make sure you get your car retrofitted with a stripper pole and get yourself a John-The-Stripping-Mechanic venmo account so that patrons can slip ya a buck or two.. in a CDC compliant manner.

Touch base with us when you’re done running naked around Westmoreland County, YaJagoff!


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