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The 2020 Jagoff “Holiday Challenge”

The 2020 jagoff challenge

It’s 11 days until Christmas!

So many people, these days, walk around saying “hashtag this, hashtag that!”

But, do ya know what the new trend needs to be? This picture! The lettered Christmas stockings are arranged to spell our favorite word posted on social media with #jagoffs!

Here’s our annual challenge.. and we know it will be a little tougher this with pandemic restrictions!  This Holiday season, find letter thingies in public places.. arts and craft stores, etc, etc, and get the letters rearranged to say Ya Jagoff or, jagoff or jagoffs. Then, take a pic and send it to us: or

As we always say, don’t be a jagoff and deface anything, permanently ruin anything or hurt yourself. And, of course, SOCIALLY DISTANCE when doing this! Just have some fun. If you’re really cool, take a selfie with your proud work!  When you submit the photo, tell us what city and state it was.

So go load up your pockets with camera film and flash cubes.. get some JAGOFFS pics, Ya Jagoffs! We will start posting next MonDEE! Some prizes are at stake!

Thanks to Cathy Sweeney Wiskemann for the first pic of 2020!

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