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Parking Chair Ornament

2018 Pittsburgh Parking Chair is HERE!

Sure! It is a little late but, our elves were off playing FortNite or something. But, it is here!  The second annual Pittsburgh Parking Chair holiday ornament!  Sure, you may have to ‘splain it to a non-Pittsburgher but, that’s ok. That’s what tree ornaments are supposed to do: create conversation and preserve the ‘burgh chair lure. 

This ornament is the second of a series of annual Pittsburgh-themed ornaments.  And here’s the story of it: 

Larry & the Mrs. wanted to save more than parking spots in the lots of Sandcastle. Plus, li’l Stanley and Shelly were tired of all the spray-park trips & crowded pools. They also got tired of parking issues when friends came over to enjoy the Slip n’ Slide. So, they introduced the ultimate SUMMER parking chair—the exact one they used on the sandy shore of Conneaut Lake.  

The ornament has been created by YaJagoff Media, (the blog and the YaJagoff Podcast), Pittsburgh’s “salvage artist” and Chief Yinzerneer, David Calfo and gilder and sign painter Andrew Paul, and is for sale via the e-store on   

So, spread cheer AND the story of the Pittsburgh Parking Chair this year!    No orders are guaranteed for Christmas 2018 delivery but we will do our best! Here is a link to the store.

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