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Rochester, New York Jagoffery Art!

Ok.. because of the Parking Chair Christmas Ornament news coverage yesterday, there may be some new readers here.  So let’s catch up.

  1. We have fun on this blog pointing out acts of Jagoffery from all over.. bad driving, bad parking, stupid criminals, silly politicians, bad sports officials, etc, etc.
  2. But.. we’ve been taking a break from that because, a week or so ago, someone sent us a pic of specially arranged lettered Christmas stockings spelling the word Jagoff on the hooks of a local craft store.
  3. From that, I issued an all-call for anyone to publicly display the word Jagoff or Jagoffs.  We call it Jagoff-istry or the art of creating the word Jagoff out of items that are on hand! (Yep, I made that up!)
  4. This little game has made me incredibly happy by seeing the joy that the word Jagoff is giving everyone!

Now that we’re all on the same page, it’s been a week of Pittsburhers/expats/wanna-be-Burghers sneaking into stores building Jagoff art!  And speaking of sneaking… remember when you were doing something mischevious in school, and you had a lookout person and, when that lookout person said, “Someone’s coming!” you did your best to complete the mission quickly and then get in the clear with your “Wasn’t me!” face?

That’s what the last two F’s look like in this pic!  But ya gotta love the final art piece!  It’s Mona Lisa level art!  The kind of art, in my opinion, for which high-enders bid well into the millions! FYI, I used the Jagoffestrator to highlight the artwork just in case you have NFL Referee Eyesight!

We appreciate the thoughtfulness in bringing Jagoff Joy to the Holidays!  Keep them coming! (It makes blog writing easy until Christmas!) Just remember, don’t break, ruin or deface any of your mom’s stuff or other people’s property.  Happy MonDEE Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks so much to Kelly Webster for her fine work at the Rochester, NY WalMart!


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