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Criminal Jagoffs

GREENe County Grinches

Yeah….5 days before Christmas. While some are feeling the Holiday Spirit of giving, these two ladies are feeling the Holiday Spirit of taking.  And the said part is, they did it all for about $130 worth of toys (ALLEGEDLY).  See full story in the Trib here.

Oh Mindy and Debra… you know how you know that you are REALLY in deep doo-doo? Because the article is using your middle names…..just like a parent would when they’ve caught you red-handed.  Or, in THIS case.. GREENe County Grinch-green-handed!!

Mindy Fay and Debra Lynn…(see how angry-mom that sounds?) …unless you come up with a quick “addiction to toy hording” story and show an overwhelming pile of toy purchase receipts from Amazon,com Premier, sorry to say that we are going to put a bug in Santa’s ear because, you’re so GRINCHY neither of you even deserve COAL.  Besides, if you got coal, it would have to be a huuuuuuge boulder of coal… and that would make stuff dusty and dirty and, well, “cleaning up” for REALZ doesn’t seem to be your specialty!

As a second thought on that previous alibi idea, forget about showing an overwhelming number of Premier receipts! Probably most of us have those right now.  As a matter of fact, some of your buds might even have them for  toys that they purchased to give to needy kids/families and put in a box where ya work!!

Hope your toilets cleaning skills are better than your burglar skills.  Go rot in Hell… or better yet, go rot in a worse place than hell… a Ravens tailgate party hosted by John Harbaugh, Ya Jagoffs!


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