Driving Jagoffs

Cop Calls Tailgater a Jagoff

This is a video of cyclist Kevin Salagea in Skokie, Illinois being tailgated. Cop sees it and pulls over the tailgater. If you want to Fast Forward, go to 1:32 and watch the cop get out of the car.


The One-Armed Mattress Delivery Guys



Have ya ever heard of the “one-armed wall-paper hanger?”  Me thinks he went out and bought himself a new box spring.

Or is it that, “Two Men and A Truck“ delivery  now has a 1/2-priced competitor, “1 Man And A Sedan?”   But thank GAWD they are following the OSHA protocol for delivering a mattress or box spring… holding it with one arm while driving across a bridge!

I mean, not even Sid Crosby’s forearms could hold that thing if it flips or slides and he’s been squeezing tennis balls for forearm exercises since he was 6 months old.

Is this driver an octopus that is also holding a cigarette, cell phone, eating a donut and holding a coffee that also has a yip-yip dog on his lap?

Is this driver one of the retired X-men, Bungee Cord man?

C’mon sedan man Stan, everyone in Pittsburgh has at least one “friend with a truck.”

But just a quick question…. inside that car, are you driving while sitting on a night stand?

Get on the internet and find a truck, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to @DaStayHomeMomma for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.  Great pic.


So Many Gas Pumps From Which To Choose

 This is why this blog is such a necessary aspect of Pittsburgh life.  One, we can all see that this lady was only thinking of herself when she pulled in (No, there was not another car at the pump in front of her when she originally pulled in.)  Therefore we can all use this as a LEARNING MOMENT on how to NOT be a jag, um, well.. you know.

Two, we can also learn from this and “FEAR” that, if you’re not nice, you might end up being posted on this blog some day revealing your  inconsideration toward others!  “FEAR THE POST!”

And three, when you are frustrated with someone or something, don’t get mad OR get even.  WE are your outlet to vent!

So, back to the lady at the gas pump.  Wondering if, after she filled her tank, then left her car at the pump while she ran inside to get a Turner’s Iced Tea or, EVEN WORSE, stand in line to play 47 combinations on the daily lottery because she had a dream about a sailboat and corn on the cob.

Hey Mrs. Suburbanite-Surburban-Driver, those extra pumps aren’t like your decorative gnomes in your back yard.  The reason that there are sooooooo many gas pumps at the GetGo is so that OTHER people can get some gas the same time that you do!!!!  Crazy how that works, huh?

You may THINK you have to swing your Suburban out wide to the right to make a left hand turn, like a big-rig, but its REALLY not that big. Let’s make some room for others or get yourself a Mini-cooper, Ya Jagoff!