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It Only Takes One Bus to Screw Up Traffic.. BUT WAIT!!!

+YJ-UPSSo I’ve harped on buses pretty hard on this blog about screwing up traffic.  I always say, “It only takes one bus to screw up traffic.”

((insert sounds of screeching brakes or a needle sliding across a record depending on your age and preference))

In this pic from Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh, the bus is not at fault for once.  What is Mr. Brown doing?  It was a nice day, does the driver have his UPS shorts and black socks on and all of the women are woo-ing at his winter legs so he’s mesmerized by the attention?  Is he making a special delivery to the bus?  Wait….is this one of those fake UPS vans with CSI computers and listening thingies all stuff inside?

Maybe the UPS gain need to change their new slogan?


Hey Mr. Brown….. perpendicular parking is not permitted in the middle of Downtown Pittsburgh so stop gettin’ all up in dat bus’ grill, Ya Jagoff!


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Jagoff Karma

Not in Pittsburgh but… a great video of Jagoffery and RJK (Reciprocal Jagoffery Karma)


The New Pickup Truck Bed Option


Is this REALLY what it APPEARS to be?  The  SJU (Special Jagoff Unit)  staff was on it!  As it turns out, this is NOT someone trying to move a couch by NOT strapping it down properly and driving down Route 28 at 60 mph.

Is this just a new way to get those sandwich, Dorito and popcorn crumbs out of the sofa?  By the way, the sofa wouldn’t get so messy if you used those clear-plastic-cushion-cover thingies that your grandmother used.

The SJU team has determined that this particular brand of pickup truck sometimes attracts a macho dudes by offering special add-ons like towing packages, mud flaps, running lights, etc.  But now, the pick-up marketing gurus want to reach out to more of the female crowd by offering, with every truck, a studly Wilbur Milktoast man with half-leg tennis socks and last year’s Kennywood School Picnic tennies,  to simply ride around in the bed to hold your stuff down AND carry your groceries into the house.

Insert fast-talking man’s voice saying:

Lease a 2014 Pickup and get your very own Wilbur Milktoast bed-rider for $499 per month for 39 months. Total due at signing: $2,499. Security deposit included.  Oxi-clean to keep Wilbur’s tennis socks so white not included. Tax and title separate.

Hey Wilbur Milktoast, sure, you’re working for beer and pizza … just trying to help a friend for family member. By the looks of it, if that thing goes rolling off the pick-up, you’re about to invent Route 28 used-couch surfing,   Next time, we suggest a few spider straps for the couch and a set of hockey equipment for YOU if you’re going to continue to ride back there, Ya Jagoff!!

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