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Driving Jagoffs

A Blog Post for the Heat and Humidity

Snow on Windshield

Lot’s of 90-degree days with high humidity soooo… this!

Consider this like your refreshing ice ball of the week OR a PSA for cleaning off your car in a few months!

CLEARLY some forgot about the Pennsylvania Pull-your-sweater-sleeve-up-over-your-hand-And-use-your-arm-to-clean-your-windows-off-while-the-car-heater-is-running-on-high law.

Yes!! Cleaning the snow off your car IS a law.. and it doesn’t mean just clearing a speak-easy-door-secret-password-opening sized spot off of your back window!!!

What does the driver think they’re gonna see outta that back window??  Maybe the driver wanted the driver behind them to feel like they were in the opening of the show Star Trek on the way to work… all of the snow flecks blasting at their windshield as they drove 65 mph down the highway.

Who knows what they were thinking but, what we are DARN SURE OF is…..that snow is gonna fall RIGHT off those cars, the second you all slam into a pole, a wall or another car because ya can’t see, Ya Jagoffs!!!!

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