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Driving Jagoffs

Just Park Anywhere?

Parking Jagoffs

My go-to find a spot to park downtown is usually on Ninth near CAPA, and once in a blue moon my boy Mikey will keep an eye out for the parking police in case I am running late from a meeting. That is my big downtown parking no-no admittance.  

Spare the downtown parking rant, right? We know garages are full instantly, on-street parking is limited, and Uber and Lyft tend to drop people just anywhere. But legit this park and roll move floored me. 

Traffic was typical for a weekend night, and parking on-street at a minimum.  The woman driving in front of us had to fulfill her convenient store stop, she assessed the parking sitch, put her right turn signal on and just parked it.  She locked her car like she would if she had parked in a well-marked spot and walked cautiously across the street.  

Who does that? Come on?  You needed that Big Gulp and pack of smokes that badly? Had to get your number in before the lottery stand was closed? No excuse will suffice.  And where were the horn-honkers who are always there for me when I make the simplest driving mistake downtown? Oh, maybe picking their jaws off of the car floor at the sight of a woman parking smack dab in the middle of a traffic jam.   

We waited in the sea of traffic and were late as usual to our destination.  Hoping the park anywhere princess enjoyed her mega muffin from the convenient store, ya jagoff! 

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