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YaJagoff Podcast - Wahlburgers

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WahlIn for the 2020 J&D Waterproofing Fireplace Tour  

January 7, 2020

Ahhhhh the inaugural episode of 2020 kicks off the JD Waterproofing Fireplace Tour at Wahlburgers in Robinson. On a fluke not freezing day on the veranda, around the amazing rectangular firepit, John and Rachael welcomed: Wahlburgers Manager, Jess Boff, Shawn Raneri of JD Waterproofing, Tim O’Brien of the Shaping Opinions podcast, Carson Holloway, creator of IWBYF, Alex of the Alex Eats Too Much blog and musical guest Abie L.

Music: Abie L  

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Question of the Day

Fave new thing you learned in 2019 or best experience that will carry into 2020?


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Fireplace Tours Sponsored by J D Waterproofing on January 10 and 25 and January 18
with Country Hammer Moonshine.

11:52 Nicole and Carson Holloway

Creator of the I Will Be Your Friend campaign, 9-year-old Carson shares her stand against bullying. Carson’s fundraising initiatives have been shared by Pittsburgh Steelers, WWE superstars and her sales have reached 40 U.S. states and Australia.

20:20 Shawn Ranieri

Shawn and Harry Larry are 2020 ready as they continue JD Waterproofing and Home Improvement’s legacy of 81 years of home improvement and care across the Pittsburgh region. Shawn has heartfelt surprises of support to remind others that community collaboration is good biz practice.

26:24 Tim O’Brien

Producer and host of the award-winning Shaping Opinion Podcast, Tim shares his most memorable interviews and notes Cyril Wecht as a favorite, just like the jagoffs. Plus, he credits three letters for supporting the success of his podcast…U.R.L

41:49 Alex Eats Too Much

As a 10-year Pittsburgh veteran, Alex hits the Burgh food scene with climbing popularity of his Instagram and food blogging, Alex Eats Too Much, whether you care or not. Hear his foodie feasting tales across Pittsburgh as he dives into a Wahlburgers’ Pierogi Burger.

53:47 AbieL

Pittsburgh-based songwriter and performer Abie L brings the soft, tranquil pop beats to the podcast with her untitled song.  Plus, she is known in another music city, which one?

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