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These Two Jagoffs Went to the Market   

December 10, 2019

This cold jagoff went to the holiday market (in downtown Pittsburgh), this warm jagoff waited and joined at the Sweetwater Center for the Arts Market.  Both jagoffs enjoyed interviews with Adam Valen of Drusky Entertainment and Andrew Conte of The Center for Media Innovation at Point Park in Market Square, plus Tom Walters and Alex Watrous joined from the Sewickley Culture hub.  Throw in some music thanks to Adam’s band Nevada Color, and it is a culture club kinda podcast.

Music: Nevada Color, “Outsiders” 

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YaJagoff Podcast


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 5:20 Andrew Conte

Founding Director of the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University talks the current state of media including the PG reporter protest, the new journalist responsibility list and his yay and nay news stories…. from a coverage standpoint… of 2019.

32:32 Adam Valen

Marketing Manager at Drusky Entertainment talks in between karaoke judging about Drusky Entertainment’s 500+ productions per year, how to spot ‘hot,’ (this might surprise you), and receiving 8 gifts during Hanukah as a kid.  He double doses us with his own sound with Nevada Color.

54:04 Thomas Walters

Executive Director and Alex Watrous of Sewickley’s Sweetwater Center for the Arts let us warm up inside and peruse the epitome of jewelry, origami and fibers to name a few art styles showcased at the holiday market. Plus, there are hundreds of classes to take at the culture hub.  Check it out as they celebrate 45 years!

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