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#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: The RivALZ Against Alzheimer’s Disease

June 13, 2023

Summary: The backdrop for this podcast is the Highmark Stadium on the Southside of Pittsburgh. Something big was going down there.. 2 flag football teams went head-to-head to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association of Pittsburgh.  The family stories, the caretaker care and why Pittsburgh is a leader in this makes for great discussion and Frzy, brings it all together.




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(3:30) Nathaniel Sofranko

Nathaniel is the Development Manager at Alzheimer’s Association Greater Pennsylvania Chapter. They are the largest non-profit funder of Alzheimer’s and dementia related research and the third-largest funder of both only behind the U.S. and Chinese governments. Nathaniel shares his passion for the Alzheimer’s Association and how they’re leading the way to end Alzheimer’s and all other dementia through care, support and research. If you’d like to learn more about their efforts, need guidance or would like to donate, visit and


(10:05) Sophia Duck

Sophia is a community educator volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Pennsylvania Chapter. She’s also an event chair plus the captain of Team Gold for the RivALZ to End ALZ game. Sophia talks about the direct effect Alzheimer’s has had on her family and how she’s been a part of these volunteer-driven flag football games since 2016.

(17:24) FRZY

FRZY, stops in to talk to us about how he became an assistant coach with Team Black for Alzheimer’s Association Greater Pennsylvania Chapter. And you know FRZY stays busy; he’s got photoshoots with big magazines on the way, a new single coming out soon. Catch him performing with the Pittsburgh Symphony on Juneteenth at Point State Park. And you can find him across Instagram/Twitter/Facebook @FRZY

(23:55) Alanna Gibbs and her sister Dara Thompson

The sisters joined up with RivALZ and the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Pennsylvania Chapter just this year. They share their story of how their father was diagnosed in 2017 and the tough journey they’ve been on since. They talk about how they needed immediate help and it wasn’t available right away, but thanks to Darah going to events, they found Sophia Duck and the AAGPC. Alanna & Dara add they’re a big advocate of finding your tribe. “Finding the unlikely people who will help you out of the muck because no one really understands until you’re in it.”

(37:48) Sally Power & Tom Baker

They are the team captains for RivALZ to End ALZ. It’s the repeat rematch of the entire East Coast and Sally is in it to win it. Sally is the founder of Treasure House Fashions, a nonprofit women’s resale shop that was founded in 2000. Tom Baker is the Executive Director at North Hills Community Outreach. That’s a community and interfaith based organization addressing the needs of people in crisis, hardship and poverty.

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