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Tattiebogle Cider Works YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: TattieBogle CiderWorks…Flavor, Craft, Tradition, Jagoff-approved!

May 31, 2022


Some of Pittsburgh’s best cider can be found at TattieBogle Ciderworks with Curt, one of the company’s owners. He discusses cider history and the reason behind new, homemade blends, and standards like the Ciara. Cindy and Ashley from the Pittsburgh Foodies Facebook page talk growth and go-to questions in the foodie community, while Samantha Press stuns us with “Happy Thoughts,” and we “cheers” to good conversations and cider. Plus, our BIG SECRET is revealed. Slàinte!





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When was the last time you wrote a handwritten card/note.

2:50  Curt Henry 

Food, drinks and entertainment, oh my! All at Tattiebogle CiderWorks. The cidery is run by a local family who brings community and cider together in Laurel Highlands. Curt highlights the homegrown product and its history, paying homage to the settlers of the Laurel Highlands who hailed from England, Ireland, and Scotland! There are 11 varieties of cider to choose from, five of them ‘standards’ and the rest intertwining seasonal and scientific fun! The traditional and modern ciders are made with only the purest juice from the non-spray, heirloom trees.  

18:55 Cindy and Ashley of Pittsburgh Foodies

In March 2020, Pittsburgh Foodies was launched and its growth is as fast as apple on trees! After teaching together, Cindy and Ashley discovered that they both have a love for food and have even traveled to other cities just to grub and discover new places! Recipes, grocery tips and recommendations for some of Pittsburgh’s greatest eateries can all be found on the group’s Facebook page, including heated debates on one fan food especially: PIZZA. There is constantly a debate over where to get the best pizza in Pittsburgh.  

36:56 Samantha Press

Singer-songwriter Samantha Press from Bedford, Pennsylvania brings soulful tunes with deep meaning. She grew up with a passion for music and can play three instruments! Her vibrant, cool songs tell stories and conjure imagery, wise beyond her years. Plus, she recently built her own website, Sip & Sing! Join us on July 22 and 23 to see her at the Deutschtown Music Festival in Pittsburgh.  

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