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What Is A Shopping Buggy Buffet?

The Jagoff Blog Pittsburgh

We have had quite a few misplaced shopping buggy jagoff posts but, don’t think we have ever had one like this.  Yes, you’re seeing that correctly, the buggy is full of used food.  A few chicken wings, a hollowed out bun and whatever else has been left to pose with the David Shrager ad.. kind of like a low-end version of Table Magazine!

Now the poor soul who gathers up the carts has to not only connect 152 carts together to push to the front door, they have to bus the buggy table and clean up after some slobs.

It’s crazy that we are so lazy that we have to pay people to collect the buggies… because we can’t put them where they’re supposed to be but, this is another level, this is not the buggy bistro and your mom isn’t here so bus your own buggy, OR eat in your car.. YaJagoff!!

Thank you to Dian O. for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher for today!

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