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YaJagoff Podcast From Coraopolis

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Steel City Talk at Steel Shaker at the Coraopolis Community Fall Fest

October 11, 2022


Coraopolis is a growing community as well as growing with heart and soul.  The Mayor of Coraopolis joins us, the Steel City Ukulele “yukers” entertain and of band of “Coraopolis influencers” join us for some special talk and drinks!





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When texting, are you a voice-to-texter or all thumbs?

Steve Huetter

Owner/Creator of Steel Shaker; Steel Shaker has a different vibe from other local bars with DJs, cocktails, a dance floor and more. Don’t have to go into the city to find an entertaining bar in Coraopolis. Sat. Oct. 29th Halloween party with $300 costume contest, $5 cover but finger foods and more included.

14:37    Ray Kinneman (Emma Jean’s Relics) & Lucinda Wade (Youth Creations)

Both heavily invested in growing the Coraopolis community through local businesses. Ray launched the beginning of the Coraopolis fall festival years back with ‘Coraopolis Day’ and it grew into the town’s fall festival we know today. Lucinda/Youth Creations focuses on summer lunch programs for kids and now an after-school program with a rec center vibe. Free for the children of the Coraopolis community.

25:52   Mayor Michael Dixon along with Farrah & Michelle (Situ’s Kitchen)

Newly elected Mayor Michael Dixon is building bridges in Coraopolis within the community. He highlights the ‘renaissance’ the town is having. Culturally diverse, affordable housing, a lot of youth programs and great new businesses opening up. Farrah & Michelle from Situ’s Kitchen, the first Lebanese restaurant in Coraopolis, started off with a food truck and now opening a brick & mortar at the end of the month offering gyro salads, bowls, grape leaves, tabooli and more.

37:53    Sylvia: Burgh’s Bits and Bites

briefly stops by to chat about the Coraopolis walking tour that she just created! So much going on in Coraopolis!

40:30     Steel City Ukuleles

Sonny Park speaks for the Ukus… there are 753 ukulele players in the Pittsburgh area and they have meetups all the time for beginner and experienced players. “If you can’t play, just sing louder.” They encourage you to check out their meet up page under Steel City Ukuleles.