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Something FISHY at the Fishing Tourny

Hermitage angler at center of fishing cheating scandal

This is a little crazy.  When you have a few minutes, in a safe work space, make sure you watch the video of this thing but, here’s the quick summary.

As you may know, there are some big time fishing tournaments on Lake Erie and these tournaments can pay some pretty good money.. and we ain’t talking your local church or baseball 5O-5O raffle. The fishing boats alone cost over $2OO,OOO! Prizes can total $5OO,OOO. This is not you’re hang-out-and-relax-on-a-pontoon-boat-on-Pymatuning-forget-about-stuff-back-at-the-office kind of thing.

Chase, from Hermitage, and Jake, from Cleveland, are the ones that got caught.  Their fish came in as the heaviest catch. The guy weighing them thought the fish looked a little smaller than what they weighed in at and proceeded to cut the fish open. Boom!!!  Egg sinkers were stuffed inside the fish and, on the video, you can see the crowd wants to lynch the guys!  See full story in

Dudes.. you’re like the kids who stole a little bit of money and didn’t get caught then steal a little more and the next thing ya know ya get greedy and go for the big grab!  Who cheats on the most relaxing activity ever? Fishing!!!!  Don’t know if ya go to jail for something like this but… we don’t think this matters because…the anger level shown my these anglers….you’re lives are gonna make you wish you were protected by a jail cell, Ya Jagoffs! GO WATCH THE VIDEO!


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