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Women Who Rock YaJAgoff Podcast

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Rockin’ with Women Who Rock at Stage AE

October 17, 2022


The pink carpet was rolled out in front of Stage AE this weekend for the Women Who Rock benefit concert which rasies funds toward Magee Women’s Research Institute. CEO of Magee Women’s Research Institute Mike Annichine, Founder of WWR Melinda Colaizzi, and media personality Natalie Bencivenga joined the jags to talk all things Women Who Rock!





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If you could go to a concert of any person who has passed, who would it be and why?

3:47 Mike Annichine

CEO of Magee Women’s Research Institute Mike Annichine tells us the importance of funding women’s health research. Pittsburgh is the world’s leading center for all research regarding women’s health.  Hundreds of dedicated scientists, doctors, nurses, come from around the world to work at the center.

14:56 Natalie Bencivenga

Natalie has been working the WWR red carpet for 2 years now.  Her background as a traditional journalist and now a new-media journalist keeps her busy and on the cutting edge of delivering stories…including a brand new podcast with award winning journalist Tony Norrman. Oh, and Rachael describes her runway outfit which is classic for WWR.

28:04 Melinda Colaizzi and Brianne Blazosky

Founders of WWR Melinda Colaizzi and Brianne Blazosky share the  last-minute details that go into putting on the show.  Would they rather be performing at or coordinating such a major event and what’s next?

34:56  Willy James

Local videographer, Willy James, took a break from his official WQED video production duties to talk on the podcast.  We have known Willie for years and it has been awesome to watch him grow as a member of the Pittsburgh media community after watching him start making short videos in local parks of random folks in his neighborhood.

39:29   Katie Dudas

  Katie is a special guest!! Not only is she an awesome member of the YaJagoff Media team, she is a cancer survivor and has benefited from the great work at the Magee Women’s Research Institute. Breast cancer didn’t know what it was in for when it picked on Katie!