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I did no research, but my best yinzer-tuition tells me that a good bit if Pittsburghers share a similar fear…traveling on, over, beneath, insert whatever action move you choose… BRIDGES!

I mean, even a recent YaJagoff question of the day prompted fears of bridge crossing. After all, there are 445 bridges and one being rebuilt…need I remind what happened there? Not inserting fear, just setting up a good story.

Last week while driving across the McKees Rocks Bridge, a vehicle who somehow ended up on the shut down side, was maneuvering toward us. I say maneuver because he didn’t just inch his way up and see how to get back into the flow of traffic, uh he backed up and stutter-started a few times. We were ascared!  Thought he was coming at us!  How did he end up in the workers only area that MAY only be 4 feet wide if my yinzer measuring is spot on….ok it is not bust still.

Be aware of your surroundings, especially when bridges are under construction, ya jagoff!

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