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PA Drivers License Office Closed

PA DMV Drivers License

Yeah.. we get it. the Drivers License Centers get picked on about many things but THIS one, well, ticked off more than just us. at lease a dozen people were standing in the parking lot dumbfounded on Saturday morning. Surely we all knew that the office would be closed on Monday, Columbus Day. But, Saturday too?  This is the Duncan Manor office. One lady in the parking lot was at her 2nd stop for the day. She said the Bridgeville office had a sign posted that they were closed for some kind of “construction.”

So that’s it?  We just randomly close offices on a weekend.. when so many people have off work and are trying to squeeze in a visit before a holiday? No repercussions?  We all just waste our morning off?

Would OF been nice to have a heads up. Posting a sign on your front door, about a random day off, that I would never see until I actually went there  doesn’t seem to be very customer-service-like. Maybe a little announcement in the media would be helpful.. “All banks, DMV, etc, etc are gonna be closed ON SATURDAY TOO!”  Hopefully you all enjoyed your Saturday off running a last minute errand to someplace that was closed too.. YaJagoffs!


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