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#YaJagoffPodcast: Sticks n Stones May Break My Bones and a Rock Wall May Hurt Me

June 28, 2021


John and Rachael hit the mecca of rock climbing in Pittsburgh with Iron City Boulders in Lawrenceville. The jagoffs start the adventure with Iron City Boulders’ owner Dean Privett discussing the reimagined space (formally Thriftique if you are a yinzer) while comedian and TikTok Influencer Joey Purse rappels with some TikTok biz talk. Craig Veltri drops some Country-style melodies to “rock to” thanks to Fuzion entertainment.

Music: Craig Veltri



Summer 2021 is driving people to events and happenings, and Rohrich Honda is part of that drive.  From parking lot shows hosting comedy acts, to a collab with Mancini’s, Rohrich knows the importance of community fun.  Head to Bloomfield with a trade in and expect a mega summer deal.  As always visit for all of your vehicle needs.

Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Question of the Day:

First thing that comes to mind? Rocky Road ice cream, A Rocky movie marathon or Dwayne Johnson, The Roc?

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6:03 Dean Privett

Climber and owner of Pittsburgh’s first bouldering gym, Iron City Boulders, Dean Privett rappels the basics of rock climbing, custom walls, and new weekly designs that keep climbers thinking on their feet, quite literally. Complimentary KLVN coffee, a multi-purpose training gym and 11,000 Sq. Ft. of rock climbing, all await with a free parking space.

28:50 Joey Purse

Comedian, actor, producer, TikTok extraordinaire Joey Purse influences the convo with his TikTok content and formula for the platform, while pointing out that Beaver County is great material for comic relief and TikTok settings. (Sports is a pretty big deal there, too.) Plus, he signs up as the first TikTok teacher for Rach and John to learn the platform.

42:50 Craig Veltri

Singer/songwriter Craig Veltri strums his guitar for hits like “Shut Up (I Love You)” and “Biloxi” while incorporating tunes of country, indie and folk all in one place. Catch the acoustic rhythms and rising vocals at upcoming shows at the Crafthouse Stage & Grill and more by heading to his upcoming Craig Veltri shows here.

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