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Blue Jean Air Hole?

YaJagoff Blog about Jorts

This is the tweet that accompanied the picture:

Man in front of me at Dollar General has hole in his pants. May be wearing a thong?

Haaaaa.. wait!  OK to go “commando” as long as you check your “jorts” (jean shorts) for LEAKS!  Especially if you’re gonna be in close proximity to other people like STANDING IN LINE AT THE GROCERY STORE!!

FYI, this photo was taken in the Chicora area which, given the kind of racey attire going on in that town as apparent by this pic, should be renamed as Bow-Chicky-Chicora-Bow-Bow!!!

Let’s make it clear, this is not a bullying post or a post about someone who cannot afford great clothes, this is a post about a guy’s ARSE hanging outta his pants for no good reason!!

Hey Magic-Mike-Reject… even the kids who wear their pants down around their crack know to put on some kind of undies.  Pallllllleeeeeeeeeeezzzzzeeeee put on some der-wear the next time you go out in public!!!!  And, incase you need a refresher on how to put them on, the yellow stains go in the front and the tractor-trailer-type skid marks go in the back, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to  @TeenyC87 for being the Honorary Jagoff Catcher 

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