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#YaJagoffPodcast: J&D Waterproofing 2021 Porch Stop EXTRA at the Gable Table

July 20, 2021


When philanthropic women have impactful stories to motivate and empower, they meet other women with missions who play the ukulele for fun. Referring to Rachel Dayoub from Whispering Forces, Kym Gable of Inspired Women Paying it Forward and musician Crystal Lee.  Sprinkle in some entrepreneurship with chocolate chips ala Mary Mac and you have Porch Tour #2 thanks to J&D Waterproofing.  

Music: Crystal Lee Morgan 




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Question of the Day:

Lots of rain lately, carry an umbrella, run in it who cares? Or wait it out? 

What was on the blog:  

Not so Easy Pass 

Two Cars Stolen Same Day and Guy 

Yinz isn’t in Dictionary, but Younz is? 

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11:22 Kym Gable

Kym Gable: Kym is the director of the non-profit support network ‘Inspired Women Paying It Forward’ in the South Hills which parlays well for her famed KDKA segment On a Positive Note. When not supporting other strong women and their efforts, she is traveling with her family based on the game room vacay map finder.

23:08 Rachel Dayoub

Safety advocate, part of WIN and One Hope, Rachel shares her intense and personal story behind the year-old mission to keep women safe and aware, Whispering ForceWith a network of women and a few dedicated instructors, Whispering Force is becoming one to reckon. A new class is available in August at the Crown Plaza Hotel.

44:06 Mary Mac

Philanthropy is a common thread to linking strong and determined women. Add Mary Mac to the mix with her local and national help with Parkinson’s Disease. Whether it is strawberry jello pretzel salad cookies or her now famous cinnamon buns, she has a mix that can be delivered or available in her hometown and in the Strip District.

57:53    Crystal Lee Morgan

This musician extraordinaire started with the guitar, picked up the uke, named it Coco and now she is a one woman show with knowledge about IT as well. Catch her soothing sound and check out her theory that music and technology make the perfect match.

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