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#YaJagoff Podcast

Episode 94 “A Hijack or HiMike kinda podcast”

November 14, 2017

Every podcast needs a theme! The YaJagoff podcast will certainly not under deliver! So consider this week’s a double theme with hijacking other people’s podcasts… and their name has to be Mike! Well, and we couldn’t miss John Knight being aggravated about something. Lucky for us, he is not aggravated about comedian Mike Wysocki‘s standup shows, successful Epicast podcast, or Dr. Mike’s tips on how to make holidays accommodating for pets. Even if your name isn’t Mike and you don’t have a podcast to hijack, listen in and don’t be aggravated!

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This Friday is the mother of all parties and Total Sports Enterprises is part of the hosting! Head to Light Up Night this Friday and enjoy a family night out that is sure to be the best party of 2017. Check out the Total Sports Rockin’ stage, and stop at the TSE and Play It Forward booth near the Highmark Unity Tree and Play it Forward with organ donating plus score some black and gold holiday giftables. Celebrate LUN17 with TSE and Play It Forward!

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Rachael and John are discussing the joy of hijacking OPP! Other People’s Podcasts, yo.The jagoffs met for the first time in months at the Podcast studio to prepare for #LUN17 and exchange previous Light Up Night stories.

What was on the blog?: A discussion of how jagoff was used in homes growing up and over 150 peeps weighed in!


Mike Wysocki wraps up his episode 5 podcast with a couple of jagoffs and let’s the jagoffery continue while John and Rachael interview him about NOT being from Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh’s growing comedy scene.


The only guy not named Mike, but part of a podcast even though it can’t be hijacked because it’s our own, John Knight chats driving jagoffs, a stroll down Chamberlin lane and his wife’s bday! Plus, will he go near Comcast Light Up Night?


Closing the show thanks to our guests.

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