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#YaJagoff Podcast

Episode 80 “We Went to the EQT 3 Rivers Regatta Flugtag!”

August 8, 2017

#YaJagoffPodcast / Episode 79 “Porch Tour Stop #2, With WTAE’s Ray Petelin and Tyler Brandi Kennedy”

For the first time ever, Red Bull brought its world-recognized “Flugtag” to the shores of Pittsburgh. Needless to say, we participated with the Flying Pittsburgh Parking Chair and a podcast from behind the scenes at the Flugtag hangar area. Guests were the Flying Parking Chair Team, Judge Lee Terbosic, Ed Wolfe from the Regatta Board of Directors, our sponsors Ryan from Primanti’s and Danielle Spinola from Tupelo Honey Teas and other teams! Crazzzzeeee day.

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From the EQT 3 Rivers Regatta Flugtag Hangar area as we gear up to hit the flight deck with our Flying Pittsburgh Parking Chair.
Meet the Flying Pittsburgh Parking Chair Team, Andrew Paul Holly Koening Amanda Narcisi and 134lb, experienced BMXer, Linus Pietrusza and the lead Yinzerneer, Pittsburgh’s very own Salvage Artist, David Calfo


Pittsburgh’s “Magedian,” Lee Terbosic is a Flugtag Judge. Time to make it rain with some bribe money! He had already been bribed with pierogi!


The Flying Pittsburgh Parking Chair would not have been possible without some financial support from local businesses. Two of them stopped by with some words of wisdom for the team, Danielle Spinola owner of Tupelo Honey Teas and Ryan Wilkinson, Director of Marketing of Primanti Brothers Restaurants. Who could eat 20 Primanti sandwiches in one sitting?


Austin Furey, from the Flugtag team out of Canton, Ohio, Flite-Test, were winners in Boston. He joins us to talk about how they won AND how they plan on beating us with 8th graders designing their Flugtag vessel????


The Stanley Cup “Pens-WINGs” Flugtag team featured a fake Stanley Cup AND a fake Phil Pritchard (Keeper of the cup). Dudes were cool! What is their secret?


Kenneth Wolfe, one of the Regatta Board Members stops by. How long has the Flugtag been in planning? Can we bribe him to help us win? How much $$ is the Regatta worth to the area?


The gang from Have Fun, Do Good had a “Back to the Future” hover board craft which included Marty McFly to stand on the oversized hover board as it flew through the air. Their team included Pittsburgh painter, David O’Brien.


Last words from Holly about what is about to happen on the flight deck!

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