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YaJagoff Podcast Episode

#YaJagoff Podcast

April Quarantine Brings aMAYzing Podcast Guests  

May 5, 2020

April showers brought trapped May podcast guests. Yep, Nick Marzock brought the tunes from California, TJ The DJ settled for a Pearl Avenue party, good deeder John Potter and non-profit all-knowing Peggy Outon honed-in on our etiquette when it comes to nonprofits during the pandemic.

BAND:Nick Marzock

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Question of the Day:

When driving, what is the one thing you always do or are known for?



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4:56 TJ the DJ:

TJ the DJ spins his insight to his rewarding career in entertainment. He hits the beats on communication, mental health outreach, and dad life in teaching his son the tools of making music. Two items he’s never consumed? Listen in!  Plus look for a Friday night dance party coming our way!

24:56 Jon Potter:

 Helping people has become a motto for handyman Jon Potter since he started Pittsburgh Good Deedswhich now has over 1k of do-gooders through Reddit that help others in need.  Potter showcases how helping out a fellow Pittsburgher goes hard in kindness and compassion. Maybe the jagoffs will start a “Good Deed” feed?  Jon even gave someone a kidney.

33:21 Peggy Outon:

How many times should you ask for a donation?! The founder of The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management, Peggy Outon, reveals her best techniques in cultivating friendships though the art of asking and etiquette to develop a fundraising formula. She makes it easy to get behind her organization’s saying, “nonprofits build strong communities, we build strong nonprofits.”

50:45 Nick Marzock:

Pittsburgher turned Californian, Nick Marzock discusses his music abilities while craving action through the art of TV film and multi-genre music. He’s Cranberry Township legit, and you can catch him drumming on the steering wheel, and catch him doing what bizarre thing? (Although it prob has become a new norm for many during quarantine.)

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