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#YaJagoff Podcast

An AXEllent Podcast (We went to LumberJaxes)

April 16, 2019

The jagoff team became lumberjaxes in Millvale and learned what a growing trend in entertainment and competition it has become. Owner, Jack Welsh, along with regular patrons Jake Knobe lochand Dave Alviso give us the inside scoop on axe throwing and its lure. Rob Rossi from The Athletic didn’t throw axes but he did throw down his order of jaggoffery for our bracket. We also welcomed Cousin Lisa of Sin Bin Kreations who has a new website to houseall ofher hot products, and speaking of “hot” products, we chatted with hot sauce extraordinaire Anthony Edmonds about his Fairy Tales hot sauce line.

Music:Tenor Sax Stroll

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Question of the day:

Pick something from our “Things That Turn People Into Jagoffs” bracket


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01:23 Intro with

John and Rachael readying for their FIRT axe-throwing experience.

04:24:JackWelsh, co-owner

LumberJaxes: The comedic Welsh boys are becoming regulars on our podcast and this sibling is known for his axe throwing locations and knowledge of axe throwing stance, strategy and how to entertain people at his multiple locations. From organized parties, to a stress reliever option after work, throwing axes is more than a trend.

12:52 Rob Rossi Our reporter friend paid us a visit to discuss his newest publication, The Athletic, where he can lend his writing and sports knowledge in more of a profile structure. He also appreciates the human-interest part of sports’ stories, and more than appreciates the art of what turns people into jagoffs. Was he on Team Rach or John with his number one pick?

33:46 Jakeand Dave

seasoned axe throwers: This duo was found practicing their craft, but it is difficult to notice who is the teacher and which has only been throwing since January. These guys love the thrill of the tournament style throwing and challenge any axe-pro.

43:05 Cousin Lisa With a new website to tout for everything from ice scrapers to park benches made of hockey sticks, Cousin Lisa threw some axes and is now contemplating a hockey stick handles axe for throwers! She customizes her wears AND gives proceeds to the Lemieux Foundation for its constant support to all those in need.

49:35 AnthonyEdmonds, Chef, co-owner While we didn’t meet him at his Florida home, we did get the low down on why Fairy Tale sauce is such a hot product. The Mt.Lebonative misses his ‘burgh roots but is on fire in Florida using his sauce on many recipes and over ice cream!

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