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YaJagoff Podcast at Ginchy Stuff

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: A Ginchy Pod with NY Comedians  

January 3, 2022


Ray Zawodni and Collin Chamberlin reflect on their comedic journey from the 412 to NYC.  Ray channels some past characters and Collin talks release of his new album.  People’s Gas Kevin Campbell and Jeff Repasky copy us on CO2 protection pointers and the Screaming Orphans keep up the Christmas spirit with their holiday hymns.   

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3:25  Jeff and Kevin, Peoples Gas

People’s Gas: Kevin Campbell and Jeff Repasky detect that we need pointers on CO2, how true. The two, versed in technical training, fill us in on CO2 safety and remind us to contact Peoples Gas for safety tips, service questions and even community news.  

12:31    Johnny Angel

 Rachael’s dad has proven to be in the know about Pittsburgh performers, music in general, and even parking lot parties.  But we never had him dish on his own museum that houses history from The Skyiners to Chubby Checker and many artists in between. We got some Ginchy Stuff deets that include what to expect on the very stage we conversed on.  

31:45    Collin Chamberlin

 John shows his proud dad status when talking about his son Collin’s travels from the east to the west coast providing comedy on all different stages. From bat battling to rooming with his pap, Collin reflects on his Pittsburgh Improv LIVE show that is finally ready for purchase.  Link to pre-order album HERE. 

42:42    Ray Zawodni

 Who knew that Ray not only headlined a few Ginchy parking lot parties, but also performed for honking cars as audience participation?  The biggest fun fact is that he was in a high school cast who won the Gene Kelly award.  Plus, he is known for arm wrestling since his move to NYC over two years ago.   

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