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YaJagoff Podcast at Wendell August Forge

#YaJagoff Podcast


November 12, 2019

The jagoffs picked up Christmas enthusiast Bobby Cherry, stopped at the Mercer County Visitors Bureau for Peggy Mazyck and snagged comedian Felicia Gillespie for a road trip to Grove City.  All were the first to view and shop the 2019 Pittsburgh collection at Wendell August while chatting it up with President Christian Werner, Erin Lewis Director of Marketing and eCommerce and featured artists JP Diroll and Tempy Moore!

Music: Nicky Mo and the Mamalukes 

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Rohrich Honda is all about family. In fact, Rohrich wants you to test drive the ultimate family vehicle; the Odyssey, with a Black Friday contest! Let the jagoffs and Rohrich drive you to your shopping destination while you prepare for the holiday season.  After all isn’t that was family is all about? Rohrich treats you like family, wants you to drive their ultimate family car and shop for the whole family on Black Friday.  Check out for details and as always visit for all of your vehicle needs.

Opening from Wendell August Forge’s Black and Gold Day


Podcasts Coming Up:

Nov. 14- Heinz History Center

Nov. 22– Santa Spectacular 

Podcast Guests:

5:05 Erin and Christian

Erin and Christian from Wendell August Forge join in the holiday spirit around the Christmas tree to talk exclusive offerings and tours that forge fans can find all year long, including a new venture with the NFL! Packed with heartfelt stories, the season of giving is among us… find out who gave them $180,000 to continue a century long passion.

19:05 Peggy

Peggy from the Mercer County Convention Visitors Bureau wins a prize from Wendell August and spills all the tea for the cool and active happenings in Mercer County! Besides from checking off our Wendell shopping list, the jagoff team has expanded its curiosity to new horizons. Listen to Peggy as she details shopping activities and events that keep the county lively.

31:09 JP and Tempy

JP Diroll Photography joins the podcast for another round of banter in his photography accomplishments that capture the true essence of the Pittsburgh skyline while Tempy Moore speaks about bringing her work to life through chalk pastels and pencil. As artwork is created, it is transformed to new wonderful hangings and wares by Wendell August Forge.

37:45 Bobby Cherry

Santa Bobby may love Christmas more than Santa himself, and he spreads the holiday cheer every day of the year through It’s Christmas 365. Sure his accolades are with, but we know the well-known journalist can showcase more important topics such as uncovering (shopping for) all the unique holiday findings that Wendell August has to offer.

51:13 Felicia Gillespie

Funny Felicia dominates the woman’s narrative in comedy as she discusses her spark for the industry that has fueled her longtime passion. Felicia may be     not be squeaky clean, but it’s not too filthy and you can catch the hilarity as she headlines at     the Pittsburgh Improve on Nov. 17. Use promo code LAUGH on the improv website  to witness her handcrafted comedy for free.

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