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YaJagoff Podcast With Josh Yohe

#YaJagoff Podcast

6 Degrees of Jagoff Podcast

May 12, 2020

Rachael is a hockey mom and John’s Partner. John loves hockey and reads Josh Yohe, a writer for The Athletic who recently completed a story about former Penguin Ken Wregget, who is partnered with Dr. Mark Baratz for Double Play. The jag offs completed their seventh Ya Jagoff! LIVE brought to you by project Double Play and featured world-renowned beatbox master Napom. Boom!


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Question of the Day:

In honor of 6 degrees and specifically double play, if you could have anything as a double, what would it be?


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Ummmmm our newest excitement #BYOP, Ya Jagoff! Winner reveal: FRZY with the Mr. Rogers cardi at the place for smiles: Eat N’ Park!

3:55 Dr. Mark Baratz and Ken Wregget:

Dr. Mark Baratz and ’92 Stanley Cup Penguins goaltender Ken Wregget team up for a double play to help restaurants like 31 Sports Bar and Grille thrive while supporting communities through Casa San Jose and 412 Food Rescue. Combos can make the ultimate difference like doctors who boost the restaurant biz and grilles mastering the prefect poutine.

24:32 Josh Yohe:

Josh Yohe from The Athletic engages with hockey fans as well as he does with a couple of jagoffs. While he doesn’t proclaim to be an athlete, his passion for sports, writing and Phil Borque assist him in the co-author seat of If These Walls Could Talk: Pittsburgh Penguins: Stories from the Pittsburgh Penguins Ice, Locker Room, and Press Box. Find out his go-to press box snack and how having your own writing rules rules!

48:32 NaPoM:

Beatbox culture icon Neil Patrick Meadows joins the podcast to add mad beats as he talks about himself as NaPoM and his crew, The Beatbox House. Beatbox strategies include making sounds and mixes through bass sounds, lip rolls, percussive sounds, humming and more. This Greensburg native has seen beatboxing take him all the way to Germany and become a star in all parts of the world like Indonesia, where fans email regularly fan mail.

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