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Rusty Day at the Foundry

March 27, 2018

It’s a bunch of firsts for two jagoffs! The first NHL signing of 2018, the first TSE signing at the Foundry, and the first time WE get to see and learn about THE Penguins Jesus! The Ya Jagoff podcast is jam-packed with guest advice on spring dating tips for men, and how it relates to Dinner for 8, thanks to DF8 life coach Nan Cohen. Plus, spring brings much more to do and eat in Pittsburgh a’la the Discover the Burgh folks, Linda Jo Thornberg previews the upcoming Pittsburgh Business Show, AND take in a little acoustic music from Meeting of the Important People. Expect a few words from the Foundry’s Andrew, some tips on why sports talk is so easy with Penguins Jesus, and we even scored an interview with Bryan Rust, who also dishes some successful dating advice of his own!

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Show Notes:

Episode Music: Josh from Meeting of Important People


Total Sports Enterprises is taking spring by storm with charitable auctions and items for every black and gold fan. TSE is most excited about the decorate your man cave or office contest that is back by popular demand. Look for details on how to enter to complete your Steeler or Penguin haven at or stop by the store at the Mall at Robinson where every day is game day!

Question of the Day

We don’t want men to be rusty in the dating game—after all it is a “Rusty Day” and men dating is the topic. What is the expert advice or simple tip for men to have a successful date?


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01:22 – What was on the blog?

Easy week to prepare and pregame for the jagoff brackets—you vote on what makes any person become an instant jagoff? Hackers, texters, drivers—especially Subaru drivers according to John, work talkers, or even PDA? Go vote!


Andrew, from The Foundry Table & Tap. Baseball season WILL be exciting at The Foundry, especially for kids on the weekends before the games. Andrew extends the invite for family fun with kid-friendly meals, activities and the same fresh, farm-to-table deliciousness we have come to expect year-round at the Foundry.


Penguins Jesus… from twitter…reveals himself! Or is it really? This engineer needed something to spice up his routine so superimposing Phil Kessel’s face was the answer—and he built quite the audience with it. Hear some other funny stories from our favorite tweeting Penguins fan.


Jeremy and Angie from Discover the Burgh are back! With well-thought notes on all the things to do starting now! From food and pastry talk to outdoor must-tries, these two have been busy and we get to reap the benefits of their schedules:


Nan Cohen of Dinner for 8 Pittsburgh has some dating advice specific for men! Ladies seem to know what they want and how to get it, or at least they are willing to put it out there, but men need that little push before commitment. Thanks to this episode men will certainly make out on what to do AND where to go!


Pittsburgh Penguins winger Bryan Rust makes his way through a packed Foundry to chat about locker room routine, his positive attitude for the season and his dating advice even though he is newly engaged!


Pittsburgh Penguins winger Bryan Rust makes his way through a packed Foundry to chat about locker room routine, his positive attitude for the season and his dating advice even though he is newly engaged!


Since the Stanley Cup champion stole some spotlight from DF8, Nan offers a little more dating advice and what to expect with DF8.


Linda Jo Thornberg of the upcoming Pittsburgh Business Show announces the dates for the show at the convention center are April 25-26, 2018. Want a free ticket? Message us on YaJagoff on Twitter and Facebook.


Josh from Meeting of Important People… we finally meet! HIs folk-like music has been around since his days with podcast pal Gab Bonesso! This new dad of a 10-month-old has a unique sound that is definitely worth a listen.


Closing… thanks to all who came out to the signing, the brunch and podcast.

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