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Pittsburgh Podcast at Three Rivers Arts Festival

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: TRAF is baaaaaack

June 8, 2021

Sarah Aziz makes her annual debut on the podcast to dish the deets on TRAF with Byron Nash, who will take the stage after a TRAF live stage hiatus in 2020. The jagoffs manage a chat with TribLive’s Kevin Gorman who talks sports moments AND the mark he made on TRAF in years back.

Music: Byron Nash



Summer 2021 is driving people to events and happenings, and Rohrich Honda is part of that drive.  From parking lot shows hosting comedy acts, to a collab with Mancini’s, Rohrich knows the importance of community fun.  Congratulate them on a record month in May and browse their inventory in Bloomfield.  As always visit for all of your vehicle needs.

Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Question of the Day:

Suns out guns out or slow and steady?  Are you ready for summer attire—sandals, shorts, etc.?

What was on the blog:  

Dumb Criminal or No?

Congats Seniors

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5:49    Sarah Aziz

It’s go time with TRAF and who better to chat the craft than the director of the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival? Sarah Aziz sits around the new street murals near the Allegheny Outlook stage and dishes about the 10 days of free art and music.  With over 150 market vendors, music performances, and food trucks as far as the eye can see, the footprint of TRAF has grown to distance the ultimate art experience and is hybrid.

22:42    Kevin Gorman

From working the hot dog stands at TRAF years ago, to serving Pirates stories for the Trib Sports column, Kevin Gorman reminisces iconic Pittsburgh Sports plays like Santonio Holmes’ famous catch to Ke’Bryan Hayes plays and more. Plus, he showcases his interview skills on passionate musician and now fitness extraordinaire Byron Nash.

50:36    Byron Nash

Don’t Underestimate Your Ability (D.U.Y.A.)!  nutrition/fitness/life coach, and Pittsburgh guitarist, Byron Nash is concentrating on his newest venture, DUYA Wellness, a fitness/life coaching service helping achieve greatness in life and business. Putting in the healthy work is made easy with expert tips from Byron regarding finding a healthy balance with diet, intermittent fasting, and working out. Plus, he still has a slew of music gigs this summer with his new band.


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