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Congats Senios–What?

Pittsburgh Jagoff Blog

When I send an email, I am notorious for spacing ab out.  So much so that my spell check doesn’t pick it up because it thinks I have invented a new word.  I also am trying to break my habit of saying I’minna. I think that is how it would be spelled.  I am meshing I’m and going to, or for Pittsburghers, gonna.  I’minna.

This is how I make it justifiable to pick on people who may not be 18 years of age.  Also not my own children–who I have no problem calling jagoffs.  I loved seeing the seniors/graduates from last year and this year become resourceful and “pivot” regarding traditional celebrations.  They host more drive by’s, parades, pop-ups and wowza do they decorate.  I mean they decorate each other’s front doors, yards and cars.  Salutations like Good luck sis, Get it gurrrrrrl and Atta boy #(insert whatever number these kids wear) with lots of exclamation points to show excitement.

But these decorators must have been on a time crunch. Where did ya go decor peeps? You thought about what you wanted to write on the car, the name was easy to spell, but you left out the R. The exclamation points ON POINT.  But no R.  At first I thought there was a new word from TikTok I missed–Congats–naw. Keep decorating kids. Don’t lose that enthusiasm.  Just remember to spell check the car writing, ya jagoff!

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