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March 6, 2018

Believe it or not YaJagoff dressed in the finest digs and dared the red carpet. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield presented “Lights! Glamour! Action!”™ in its 18th year supporting the Pittsburgh Film Office. The red carpet was rolled out for hundreds of our city’s key celebrities, entertainment professionals, business leaders, and politicians. John and Rachael rubbed elbows with these fab Pittsburgh people while they enjoyed gourmet food stations, premium cocktails, a champagne reception, and the LIVE telecast of the 2018 Oscars® on the BIG SCREEN!

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Question of the Day

In honor of LGA, if you were in a movie, who would be your Pittsburgh pair?

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What was on the blog this week? Cup catastrophes on parking lines and pinny pin acupuncture when preparing for big events like Lights Glamour Action!
Opening: Discussion about ‘reading up for the red carpet with our dress up digs and hoping we get our sentences out during the podcast since in Oscar fashion the music tends to cut us off.


Michelle Wright and Tony Landolina join us to discuss the art of bees wax and divulge a fun theater story just in time for the Oscars! How did Michelle and Sally bust out of a Cheswick Theater at a movie premiere?


Queen of the screen Dawn Keezer, Pittsburgh Film Office, and Highmark Chairs Dr. Don and Cindy Whiting join us to discuss the location changes since the first LGA and Dawn dishes on the film tax credit and gives kudos to the crews who work in Pittsburgh….but we are missing a beach and a desert.


The legendary Sally Wiggin clears up that she is not in retirement and admits that she is a real theater buff. Hear her choices for Oscar winners and her choice in Pittsburgh leading actors if she starred in a Pittsburgh movie.


Natalie Bencivenga, P-G Seen, visits us dressed to impress and boasts of some leading ladies who have graced her podcast the Broadcast. Natalie chats about her recent accolades with her ever-popular AskNatalie series being national.


The City of Pittsburgh was certainly represented well with Guy Costa talking more about closing ‘burgh streets for movies than potholes and parking issues. His buddy for a Pittsburgh movie roll is sure to secure him years of future service for the city.


Rachel Carslon, Yelp Pittsburgh and her husband, Kevin stop by. They are having a “date night” out. Don’t forget about the Yelp! Pittsburgh Made in da Burgh events!

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