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YaJagoff Podcast Porch 2

#YaJagoff Podcast

Waterproofing Porch Tour #2 The Halo Headquarters  

August 13, 2019

The jagoffs and crew showed up to the steel pan set-up, some crooning halos, Pete Hewlett, Kenny Mitchell of the Marcels, Jackie Page-Heidelberg, chef extraordinaire, the ladies from CLA and Robin the Balloon Lady, who entertained Ms. Bella twirling in her poodle skirt.  It only made sense to talk about the upcoming #UltimateLiverFunction and reveal a BIG announcement of a guest…Hey There Lonely Girl!

Music: Barrels to Beethoven 

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Rohrich Honda is getting ready for Bloomfield days. That’s right, they are excited to showcase a couple of Rohrich rides, and will have an interactive contest for passersby. Visit us in Bloomfield this weekend for the Italian festival known as Little Italy Days. As always, stop by the Rohrich show room or visit and experience the difference.

Question of the Day

With Eddie Holman, ‘Hey There Lonely Girl’ being added to the star-studded line-up on August 24, do you dare sing that famous lyric?


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04:20 Johnny Angel

Gracious host of JD Waterproofing Porch Tour #2, Johnny Angel invites friends and family to feast on Ricci’s Italian Sausage and dishes on some homemade recipes. Jack Hunt, aka Johnny Angel, recounts his experience of the trials and tribulations of his wife, Mary Lou, during her treatment of receiving a liver transplantation.

14:43 Pete Hewlett

On of the acts for The Ultimate Liver FunctionPete Hewlett talks about his career in music from touring with legends to his personal tie-in with the Hunt Family. Hewlett adds a heartfelt story of his son-in-law’s process of receiving a kidney transplant, and how people come together when needed most.

26:35 Kenny Mitchell

Though Pete Hewlett may be Rachael’s top favorite interview as far as music, there’s still plenty of love for the Hunt family to go around. Kenny Mitchell, of the Marcels (Blue Moon), talks about how family is not always blood. He also has been invited to Smokey Robinson’s a few times but has had no time to visit…what?

32:16 Molly Sweet Gress and Suzanna Tortorete Masartis

Molly and Suzanna of Community Liver Alliance (CLA) join the podcast with moving testimonials, in fact, Molly Sweet recounts her first dating encounters with now husband Dean, and his struggle with hepatitis.

46:10 Jackie Page Heidelberg

Owner of Love Rocks Café, Jackie Heidelberg talks about catering the #UltimateLiverFunction.  In fact she questions what should be on the menu to satisfy performers and attendees at the Roxian Theater. Thoughts?

49:49 Dave Martin, Al Lipp, Gary Daley, Jack Hunt (JA Halos)

Members of Johnny Angel and The Halos sing in harmony of classic songs that will be sure to tug at the nostalgic heartstrings of past performances and band unity. Details unravel in heartfelt hilarity as origins of nicknames and group discussions come to light. You can catch this class act performing at The Ultimate Liver Function on August 24.

58:44 Barrels To Beethoven

Leigh David bring the music with beats and melodies at the Hunt House, and discuss the mission of Barrels to Beethoven and how their family helps to promote steelpan education and Leigh’s family legacy. Catch them at the #UltimateLiverFunction.

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