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#YaJagoff Podcast

YaJagoff Podcast: First Episode!

September 5, 2019

The jagoffs have been talking about and the excitement of being part of the Entercom team, and so it only seemed proper to don episode 1 our faves of the past, mixed with some new….a music artist.  We made the jagoff/Entercom relationship legit with something old (interviews), something new (music with Aubrey Burchell), something borrowed (a new platform) and we wore blue…ok maybe not, but it is John’s fave color.  Thanks to Entercom! Enjoy!

Music: Aubrey Burchell croons her tune ‘Memory.’ 

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01:13 Opening

The jagoffs reflect on the amazing interviews we’ve conducted and express our excitement for entering the Entercom family.

04:30 Mike Vale

Not only did we get the legendary member of Tommy James and the Shondells on a porch tour, but we got the story behind the iconic MONY MONY song.  Only jagoffs get these stories!

14:25 Screaming Orphans

The reason the jagoffs won a nom for the Golden Quill Awards…and Rachael’s first episode ever as co-host.  They have since become our favorite international band who say jagoffs better than any others!


18:38 Lidia Bastianich

Lidia demonstrates true hospitality and talks about what it has been like being one of Pittsburgh’s most iconic restaurants while answering a few rapid-fire, and personal, questions in honor of her 18th anniversary.  Our tribute to her as she ends her restaurant time in Pgh.

22:58 Brandon Radeke

He oversees care of both ice surfaces at the PPG Paints Arena, and the UPMC Mario Lemieux Complex in Cranberry, and he helps build all of the outside rinks for the NHL when they have the stadium series and winter classic.  We get his icy secrets!

28:01 Greg Brown

The famous announcer and John fave, pairs with Rachael while announcing Giant Eagle shopping trips!

30:45 Aubrey Burchell

American Idol contestant, and Pittsburgh beloved, this young artist tells us what it was like to make the Hollywood rounds and return home with a new outlook on singing and the industry.

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